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Meet The Founders

Carba's carbon dioxide removal process is the culmination of Dr. Andrew Jones and Prof. Paul Daunhauer's 30+ years of shared passion for alternative energy, catalysis, and innovation. Utilizing advances in modeling, design, and monitoring equipment, the team has developed a modular reactor system that improves performance, efficiency and reduces cost. Our Biomass Torrefaction and Burial (BTB) process is the most efficient use of biomass for carbon sequestration and reduces costs to improve scalability. 


Andrew Jones, PhD

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CEO and Co-founder

Andrew is an entrepreneur, engineer, scientist, and inventor. Before founding Carba, Andrew started and built Activated Research Company (ARC), an innovation firm that develops analytical technology for scientists. ARC’s portfolio of products includes a novel NSF-funded detector for pharmaceutical drug development, world-leading technology for CO2 measurement, and tools for analyzing biofuels. He and his work have been the recipient of several awards including the Neil Armstrong Award of Excellence, Astronaut Scholarship, R&D100, NSF Graduate Fellow, 35 and Under Young Entrepreneur Award, and MN Cup Energy/Clean Tech winner. He holds five patents. 


Linda Hofflander

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Head of Strategy & Growth and Co-founder

Linda is a highly accomplished business strategist and experienced executive who is responsible for spearheading growth and fostering partnerships. Before joining Carba, she held significant roles at other companies, including Vice President of Strategy, Global Channels, and Alliances at Activated Research Company (ARC), Chief Strategy Officer at Skykit, and Director of Vertical Business Solutions at Samsung Electronics. Linda is renowned for her ability to revamp businesses through strategic thinking, strong leadership, and an unwavering focus on growth prospects. With her extensive experience spanning different industries, she plays a pivotal role in driving Carba's success.


Prof. Paul Dauenhauer

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Senior Advisor and Co-founder

Paul is a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and a MacArthur Fellow. His research focuses on developing new technologies for converting biomass materials derived from organic, renewable sources into the chemical building blocks of products that are currently sourced from fossil fuels. With expertise that spans reaction chemistry (specific chemical transformations) and catalysis engineering (accelerating reactions), Dauenhauer is opening new pathways for mitigating the environmental impacts of commodity chemicals.  

Our Approach


Our approach is backed by world-class science and is verifiable. Our solid carbon product is tangible, measurable, and permanent. Check out our paper here


Go big or go home

Low volume carbon dioxide removal (CDR) won't get us there. That is why we have focused on only low-energy technology that removes carbon permanently and scales exponentially. We plan to capture and sequester a gigatonne of carbon per year by 2035 to make a meaningful dent in the carbon surplus. Join us in our fight to prevent the worst effects of climate change!

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