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Permanent Carbon Removal:
Pioneering a Sustainable Cycle

Discover Carba's revolution in carbon transformation. Our unique technology efficiently extracts premium carbon from low-value natural waste, turning it into a powerhouse for carbon-neutral products or securing it underground for a lasting legacy. Embrace the future with Carba, where every gram of carbon tells a story of innovation, impact, and a cleaner planet.


Join our movement to turn waste into value and forge a sustainable tomorrow.


Carba's Solution

Biomass Torrefaction with Burial   (BTB   ) is where nature and technology work together for a greener tomorrow. BTB offers a measurable, traceable, and permanent solution to carbon dioxide removal.


Step 1: REUSE Nature's Waste

We turn low-value nature's waste into high-yield solid carbon 

Step 2: REFORMAT and Stabilize Carbon

Our proprietary reactor stabilizes the solid carbon without the significant energy and material waste found in other methods.

Step 3: REPURPOSE Carbon As A Product

Our high-yield carbon output can be used at a net-negative product or reburied underground for a millenia.

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Published and Proven

Our solution is backed by world-class science and is verifiable. Our high-yield solid carbon product is tangible, measurable, and permanent. 

Read our paper to learn more about our process.


Carba's Differentiators

Our patented reactor, made in Minnesota, is more advanced and costs a fraction of other permanent CDR solutions currently on the market.  Below are just a few of the many ways we set ourselves apart.

YN Sustiainable Development Goals
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The Next Essential Service


Join us as part of our CDR solution.

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